WordPress Multisite: Unable to log in. Cookies are blocked or not supported by your browser

One may encounter this very annoying error when migrating your WordPress Multisite installation or changing the domain name for it. For some reason seems that WordPress once in a while is missing to properly update domain values, so you may need to do it manually. So please take a look at these two locations to make sure that all the domain names match with you current setup. Variable $wpe_all_domains you will find in the wp-config.php file and it will look something like this:

$wpe_all_domains=array ( 0 => 'site1.domain.com', 1 => 'site2.domain.com', 2 => 'site3.domain.com', 3 => 'site4.domain.com', 4 => 'site5.domain.com', 5 => 'site6.domain.com', 6 => 'site7.domain.com', 7 => 'site8.domain.com', 8 => 'site9.domain.com', 9 => 'site10.domain.com', 10 => 'site11.domain.com', );

And then head to your database and find the tables wp_blogs and wp_domain_mapping which contain all the registered domains and do the same.

Enjoy your MultiSite!


Laura Liekniņa